The company is a group of scholars who have been gathering researchers and students and has decided to excel in terms of quality and innovation. For this purpose, a dedicated and expert team of the bestS in the company have gathered in addition to offering proud products in the domestic market, Be possible to export.

Basics and current values ​​on the company’s activities are:

Human Principles: We are a company that does not just think about profitability. Our task is to meet the community’s needs based on religious teachings, medical oaths, and sense of commitment. Putting our emphasis on the recognition of all management, environmental, production and packaging standards and other current laws in the country.
Organizational Behavior: Respect for respect and respect, respect for human rights and respect for individuals, duty and confidence in interacting with others and avoiding lies, deception and abuse of their trust, respect, respect for justice and mutual respect of our organizational component.
Accountability and Responsibility: We believe in compliance with the rules and regulations, the timely and timely performance of our duties and the acceptance of our responsibility.
Quality: Attempts to enhance their ability and organization to continuously improve the quality of the product provided with performance indicators at reasonable prices and as quickly as possible to the community.
proficiency and Thought: proficiency and academic thinking help us to find a logical and scientific solution for better understanding of needs.
*Customer Satisfaction: Attracting customer satisfaction and satisfaction is an integral part of our corporate commitment.
Loyalty: We are committed to the values, goals, missions and the name of Amoot company.