Modern technologies are capable solving many of the problems in human life. However, some aspects of technology, have had a negative impact on them. The debate about electromagnetic waves and their effects on the biological cycle is always underway, and scientists have always sought reliable evidence of the effects of these waves.
Electromagnetic waves with two natural and human origins play an important role in our lives. These waves are used for radio, television, telecommunication networks and all wireless communications; so the presence of electromagnetic field around us is increasing day by day and our body is exposed to these fields. Along with increasing use of electromagnetic waves in modern technologies, the biological effects of these waves have become one of the most serious concerns of scientists in this area.
The most important reason for increasing concern about the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body is to increase access to mobile phones. Cell phones are an integral part of everyday life of humans, which means a permanent presence of humans near a distance to an electromagnetic field; therefore, the most important issue that arises today is how these waves affect the body.
The impact and type of electromagnetic effects of mobile phones varies greatly among people, but the most important point is that these waves in the long run even produce genetic and, eventually, genetic effects in different generations.
In this regard, a group of researchers and scholar from the Amot Institute of Asian Science in this regard, with pathology, research and use the results of other researchers and scholar in the field of health, presented by their new scientists for the first time in the world.
This product is manufactured using the exclusive patent technology and uses nanoscience to introduce its product in the form of a Crystal Astronomy Crystal chip. Using the crystalline structures, AMT Corporation’s products are used as an advanced product in the field of health and complementary use to prevent electromagnetic vaginal complications and to improve it in the body.
These products are embedded in the heart of a 925-grade silver medal and have substantially returned to health.

Sutter Stone, using blood vessels and the nervous system by targeting water molecules, has shown significant performance in preventing and improving these complications, including the following items:

  • Creating a balance in the body instantaneously
  • Effect on Sensitization in muscle pain
  • Effects on improving lumbar disc
  • Effect on improving the nervous system
  • Increase energy levels and avoid excessive tiredness
  • Effect on sleep quality
  • Tangible effects on blood pressure regulation
  • Effects on cardiovascular function
  • Effects on the improvement of motor and physical problems
  • Improvement of the immune system
  • Increasing the level of oxygenation of the tissues and …